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Professional agency bookkeeping service not only save costs but also ensure compliance with accounting standards. In addition, such service also helps to improve business management and profitability through professional analysis and suggestions made based on relevant information.

Our accounting professionals have commendable occupational integrity and prudent account-processing skills. We can design and implement the best service plan which meets the accounting standards through our thorough understanding of client’s business,  in order to enable client to focus on their core business development as well as saving operational costs.

Our Services Include:

  • Bookkeeping Service
  • Establishment of Accounting Policy
  • Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Inventory Management
  • Cost Control
  • Establishment of Internal Accounting Checking System

“A GUIDE TO KEEPING BUSINESS RECORDS” issued by Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department

Guided by the principle of independence, our audit team provides annual audit reports that meet the auditing standards, audit opinions on the authenticity and equity of financial statements and accounting records, as well as the consistency of accounting process. Besides, we provide management proposals to list out the existing critical problems, with improvement plan, references and suggestions.

Besides checking on financial data, we focus on the implications of the financial data to the business, and thus identify the crux of the problem, in order to determine and implement the best solution. We are committed to providing quality and efficient services to our corporate clients with our years of audit experience in various industries, coupled with our compliance with auditing standards.

Annual Tax Filing

Assisted by professional accountants with a perspective view of tax related issues.(ie. Tax Return, Employer Return BIR56B)


Tax Investigation

To handle the query and investigation raised by tax department. This can be resulted in sample check, but most often with certain suspicious in tax department’s record. Proper and careful handling is important to avoid and minimize the potential loss and penalty.


Tax Exemption Claim

A characteristic of Hong Kong tax system. Hong Kong adopts territorial concept of taxation. Generally speaking, a Hong Kong company may not be required to pay tax for its income generated outside of Hong Kong with certain proof.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the significant international financial, service and shipping center in the world. It is also information highly developed international city with the most free trade port, which is the reason that numerous merchants come to here to register Hong Kong Company to develop the business and improve the company image.

A limited liability company (LLC) is established by one or more shareholders, it shall be limited to the capital contributions, and the company should take limited responsibility. Shareholders undertake the limited to investment assets of the company if the company losses. As for other personal name assets, it will not be affected.

Unlimited company is established by one to six shareholders, the company should undertake unlimited liability for the debts of the company. It means that the proprietors of the unlimited company and partners should contribute all the assets under their personal name property when the company assets are insufficient to settle debts.

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, All the Limited Company registered in Hong Kong must appoint at least one company secretary. Their responsibilities will involve the following categories: First, submit the annual return and other required forms to the Companies Registry on a regular basis. Second, basing on the company directors/shareholders provide the meeting information to formulate the internal meeting record and resolution. Third, Print company stock to the shareholders. Forth, update record of the company.

Key Corporate Features


General Information
Political Stability Very Good
Type of Company Limited
Legal System Common Law + Basic Law
Corporate Requirement
Minimum Number of Shareholders 1
Minimum Number of Directors 1
Registered Address Yes
Company Secretary Yes
Corporate Tax 16.5%
Filing of Annual Return Yes
Public Disclosure
Beneficiary Owner(s)(Join our nominee service) No
Filings Shareholder(s) Yes
Filings Director(s) Yes


Benefits of Setting Business in Hong Kong

  • Simple Legal system
  • Simple tax system
  • Easy to incoporated
  • Absence of foreign exchange control and fund can be freely transferred
  • Easy to obtain trade finance
  • Easy to get fund raising via the capital market in Hong Kong
  • Low tax rate (e.g. 16.5% for 2015/16), no capital gain tax, business tax or value added tax
  • Higher reputation compare with incorporate a company in other tax paradise and therefore bankers and suppliers have more confident for your company
  • Preferential consideration is normally given to business visa by HK Immigration Department when applying under a HK Limited company

Every Hong Kong Limited Company must have a Company Secretary that must be

  • A natural person aged 18 or above, ordinarily resides in Hong Kong; or
  • A body corporate, have its registered office or a place of business in Hong Kong.


Our Company Secretary Annual Parking Services includes:

  • Act as company secretary for company registration purpose
  • Prepare and file annual return to Companies Registry; and
  • Advice on company secretarial matters.


Scope of our Company Secretarial Services:

  • Annual company maintenance services
  • Provision of company registered office
  • Acting as company secretary
  • Prepare and keep statutory records for the client
  • Arrange and/ or attend company meeting and prepare minutes for the meeting
  • Prepare and file document for change of company registered address
  • Prepare and file document for change of director
  • Transfer of shares
  • Increasing share capital
  • Allotment of shares
  • Assisting in HK bank opening
  • Renew and update Company Article


Clients’ duties

In order to provide high quality services and keep updating the Hong Kong Government in accordance with Hong Kong laws and regulations, client are required to:

  • Inform FastLane CPA immediately if any changes of company particular(s) and/or personal information (e.g. passport & address info);
  • Inform FastLane CPA when the company starts to commence the business and/or hire staff in Hong Kong; and
  • Timely respond to our emails/notifications.

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